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20 June 2021


Name: Keith Balcombe
Embrace Messageboard Name: balco

Date of Birth: 27 September 1980 (Aged 40 years)
Location: London while at uni and harlow when at parents
Occupation: Student Nurse

Embrace Boarders A site about Embrace fans, which is starting to build up a supply of pictures and movies of embrace fan gatherings. Balco World Ive just started my own blog so i am starting to try and keep people up to date with my nurse training

Balco has a lush rating of 8.6 from 34 votes.

What is your favourite Embrace song?

I really love drawn from memory because the instrumental part is great and the lyrics really mean something but IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE WITH ANYTHING is definately getting to the top of my list....

What was your favourite Embrace gig?

well what can i say sg9 because it was an sg and it was so good that everyone there knew the songs and enjoying themselves

What is your favourite Embrace Album?

I would have to say drawn from memory because I followed them from before it was released and with the good will out I found out about them after it was released also the new album is full of songs which really grew on me

What is your favourite Embrace B-Side?

Even thou it is not a song written by them I think the version of 3 is the magic number is great. But I also Like I've been running

What and when was your first messageboard post?

I dont remember but it must have been something about me and what I thought of the music. It was probably near the end of 2000.

Who was the first messageboarder you met?

That would have been everyone I met at v2001 so if my memory serves me right that would be Graeme, Shaz, Ruff, Rach, Warren, And im sure there were some others but my memory has failed me there..

What is the most stupid thing you've done at a gig?

Well I suppose the stupidest thing I have done was not at a gig it was at pepsi's 23rd Birthday celebrations when we were waiting for someone she knew from the Music messageboard. It was someone with the nickname Lobster. So someone walked in and I went up to them and asked this 6ft person if it was him.. Luckily it was but it could have got nasty if I was wrong.......

What other music do you like?

Longview, The Killers, Damian rice, Razorlight, Zutons, Delays, Jet, The Music, Coral, Beth Orton and plenty of others that I cant think of at the moment

What are your favourite albums?

I cant choose that I have only been around for 23 years that is impossible

What are you currently listening to?

at moment probably longview, the killers zutons and ii the next few weeks ill be listening to the new embrace album

What is your favourite Jelly Baby?

has to be the black0nes but I really love the lot but if i had the choice i would rather have a bag of wine gums

Who is your favourite Neighbours character?

I cant remember any names in particular but if someone put lots of names forward i would probably remember one

Most likely to say…

Lets just enjoy ourselves

Least likely to say…

I got pissed last night!!!!

Cricket - good or evil?

one day matches are much better than test matches

What was the last thing you ate?

Well the last thing I ate was potato wedges and scampi

Cats or dogs?

neither really but I dont hate either cats and dogs are fine once i have got to know them

Heaven is…

relaxing with music playing and being able to play the guitar to any song I want (at the moment im still trying to learn the guitar)

Hell is…

being at a concert with papa roach fans next to you chucking each other about... I TELL YOU THAT IS HELL I GUARANTEE IT.

Madness Rating (1 to 10)

6 i can get mad if i want but it usually depends who i am with

An interesting fact about myself…

Well interesting fact about me is i have just left a safe well paid financial job and have started uni to start training as a childrens nurse. so in three years time I will be a qualified childrens nurse...

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Created: 05 May 2001
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