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23 April 2021

Cadbury Princess

Name: Lydia Chadwick
Embrace Messageboard Name: cadbury princess

Date of Birth: 03 December 1982 (Aged 38 years)
Location: Bristol

Cadbury Princess has a lush rating of 10.0 from 9 votes.

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FDPoints Rank: #171
Lush Rank: #125

FDPoints: 130
Lush rating: 10.0 (9 votes)
Profile visits: 5,949
Favourites: 1
Attended Gigs: 0

Created: 05 June 2006
Last updated: 20 June 2015

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"Argh! I d voted for you already! Have a 10 lovely! xxx'"

"Lovely lady!"

"A VERY nice person - lovely new photo too :D"

"Amazing. xx"

"It's her day. And she's lovely besides. x"

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9 votes, 100.0%

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23 April 2021
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