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14 May 2021


Name: Allie Park
Embrace Messageboard Name: alliepark

Date of Birth: 11 October 1976 (Aged 44 years)
Location: North
Occupation: Territory manager


What is your favourite Embrace song?

Save Me, closely follwoed by Hooligan.

What was your favourite Embrace gig?

Couldnt say - theyve all been great - 2006 Forrest gigs were prob the best.

What is your favourite Embrace Album?

Got to cheat for this answer - Fireworks the singles as it has my two favourties on. I like all the albums theyt are have there best bits!

Who was the first messageboarder you met?

Met 'Love is Back' and his mate at Liverpool gig - forgot his username as was rather under the influence but he tracked me down - Embrace fans are all so friendly!

What is the most stupid thing you've done at a gig?

Passed out in Jack Daniels/Wine/Lager induced coma on way back to tent after Dalby gig.

What other music do you like?

Loads - to many to list

Heaven is…

A date with Danny and Richard!!!

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Created: 30 October 2006
Last updated: 10 November 2006

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"Hi Im loveisbacks brother not friend was just on the gig attendance thing and tot ya looked familiar"

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14 May 2021
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