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20 June 2021

Monkey Boy

Name: Mark Earnshaw
Embrace Messageboard Name: Monkey Boy

Date of Birth: 16 February 1983 (Aged 38 years)
Location: Huddersfield/St Albans
Occupation: Student, Roadie/Sound Tech, Loafer

Who Fed Them After Midnight?
El Chimpador's Adventures
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Monkey Boy has a lush rating of 9.5 from 60 votes.

What is your favourite Embrace song?

27/11/06 (Subject to constant change)
TGWO: AYGGP, OBF, Retread, NYN, The Last Gas, TGWO
IYNB: Over, Wonder, Many Will Learn, IYNBILWA, Satellites
OON: Ashes, Near Life, OON, Spell It Out, Someday
TND: Exploding Machines, Even Smaller Stones, Sainted, Target, NUC, TEIN
B's: Blind, Dry Kids, Brothers & Sisters, Flaming Red Hair, Feels Like Glue, Too Many Times, Milk & Honey, Red Eye Shot, Love Order, Whatever It Takes, TGYWMTM

What was your favourite Embrace gig?

Either Brixton End Of Tour Gig (17/11/2000), 1st Brixton show (18/09/1998), SG#5 (03/02/2001), XFMG (09/07/2001), RAH (??/??/02), Glorious Day Weekend (28-29/05/05), Halifax Victoria (April '06), or Manchester Apollo (14/10/06) BLIIIIIIIND!!!

Although SG#14 blows EVERYTHING else away!!!

A certain pair of gigs at The Hop in September were pretty rad too...

What is your favourite Embrace Album?

1=Dry Kids

What is your favourite Embrace B-Side?

Blind, Dry Kids, Brothers & Sisters, Flaming Red Hair, Feels Like Glue, Too Many Times, Milk & Honey, Red Eye Shot, Love Order, Whatever It Takes, YOGTSTGB

In what order of greatness (1-10) would you place tracks from Out of Nothing?

Near Life
Spell It Out
Glorious Day

In what order of greatness (1-10) would you place tracks from This New Day?

Exploding Machines
Even Smaller Stones
This New Day
No Use Crying
The End Is Near
=Nature's Law
=I Can't Come Down

What and when was your first messageboard post?

Can't remember. T'was WAAAAAAY back through the mists of time.

Who was the first messageboarder you met?

Nick, Greenie, Cherries, Flodd, Wolla, Shaz, Seterah, Warren, Whelan, all the (old-skool) regulars.

What is the most stupid thing you've done at a gig?

Introduced myself to Rik as the "Phantom KitKat Flinger of Brixton" whilst moderately drunk at SG#5.
Have you seen my SG#14 video?
Allowed Splinter to convince me that Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris were a good idea.

What other music do you like?

Let me hear it, I'll tell you if I like it.

What are your favourite albums?

Not easy & it changes regularly, but (in no particular order):

Dry Kids
See This Through And Leave
Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose
Up The Bracket
Silent Alarm
Elephant Eyelash

What are you currently listening to?

Foals - Holy Fire
The Bronx - The Bronx (1/2/3/4)
Rancid, The Bouncing Souls, Gallows, Every Time I Die, Enter Shikari

What is your favourite Jelly Baby?

The one I found that appeared to have a penis. It may have just been an overgrown Outie bellybutton though.

Who is your favourite Neighbours character?

Bouncer the Dog, Anne, Papa Lazarou, Sky.

Most likely to say…

You're barred!!!

How are you fixed for gigs on [insert date]???

Double G&T, ta!

Get us a pint will you?


Least likely to say…

I support Arsenal.

I like McDonald's.

St Albans... Lovely place, eh???

Cricket - good or evil?

Boring as a decrepid sloth with leprosy. OK if you're playing it, but that requires a level of co-ordination way beyond my meagre capabilities. Not fun to watch though.

Although 1 dayers & 20/20 aren't too bad.

What was the last thing you ate?

Marmite on toast.

And a pint of G&T.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A rock star. Like Denver The Last Dinosaur.

If you were having a dinner party, which member of Embrace would you want to help in the kitchen?

Why the fuck would they be in the kitchen if I'm the host??? I'd tell them all to get the fuck back to the table. I'm a good enough chef as it is ta!!! Unless it was Mickey making drinks. The man has great taste in wine/ale.

Cats or dogs?

Cats. Dogs either don't like me or they like me too much.

Heaven is…

Music, Boozes & good people.

Hell is…

Where all the good shit is.

Madness Rating (1 to 10)

I'm not mad, I just drink too much. I also once pissed on my then-Business Studies Teacher's Windscreen, Revenge is sweet!

An interesting fact about myself…

I was a roadie for the Ashes video. I work with Mickey's other band, Talk To Angels. And I like Marmite.

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Created: 10 May 2001
Last updated: 19 November 2013

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"The Pope in a former life, making up for it now"

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"Your backflips are revolutionary. And you're a Spurs fan. = LEGEND"

"Gotta love The Loveninjas!"

"If mark was a girl i'd sex him."

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