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22 September 2021

Who was the first messageboarder you met?

Mark wrote:

Having become another hapless victim of the Embrace community, a pre-gig drink (a whole afternoon of drinking) was arranged. My first messageboarder confrontation was with designated Noob-Collector Clur outside the Hanover Grand on 27th March 2000. I had come along with my friends Dave and Evil Jon, and, thank God, because, upon entering The Shakespeare's Head, we were presented with a bunch of rowdy half-alcoholics, lead, of course, by Nick.

After introducing ourselves, the three of us huddled around a table in the middle of the pub and proceded to do not much for the rest of the afternoon. Socialising is over-rated.

Still, the gig was excellent. Every time I hear I Had A Time, I think of the Hanover Grand Fan Show. :o)

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22 September 2021
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